Monday, June 3, 2013

First Video review "Squeezable Baby Food Pouches"

     So...I was wondering how to do the whole video uploading and wanted to give it a try. I haven't received anything in the mail yet, and I can't wait. I wish it were the end of the month already.
     Anyways. I did my personal review of some of those squeezable baby food pouches. So, we'll see how it works.
     Here is what I reviewed. I would defienently recomend these. My 11 month old (or will be on Thursday) loves these. I like the reusable ones so i can put whatever in theme and he can still learn how to feed himself.

     Here is my YouTube video. Hope it works. I can only improve on how i upload and post from here... right?!?!

Until next time...

~Cristina AKA Stay at home mom of 3

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