Sunday, August 25, 2013

Little Passports- US Edition (New Mexico and Michigan)

Little Passports
Little Passports is a monthly subscription "box" that teaches you about either the different US States or different Countries (Depends on which one you subscribe too) My stepdaughter has a subscription to the US Edition. It is aimed towards 7-12 year olds. If you'd like to see the 1st "Box", which is the starter box... no states involved, check it out HERE.
It is $11.95/ month that you pay each month
for 3 months it is $13.95/ month but the $41.85 is due upfront
for 6 months it is $13.95/ month but the $83.70 is due upfront
for 12 months it is $10.95/ month but the $131.40 due upfront
In either edition, you follow Sam and Sofia around on their magical scooter as they learn different things about their location, and they share those with us.
First State- one side of the activity book

Post Card

16 pages of activities and learning

Pop-Out Model
New Mexico Cave Bat

Stickers for Field Guide
State Sticker
State Animal
State Seal
State Bird
State Flower
Sticker for your Field Guide Cover
Map Marker (We're going to place it on the capital of the state)

Other side of the Activity Book

Post Card

Pop-Out Model
Classic Car

The other 16 pages of the activity book
She can't wait to start checking out the activity book. Since School has started, we are going to only do this on the weekends. Unfortunately, but fortunately, my husband, their dad, came home this weekend and surprised us. (He's working out of state and doesn't get to come home often).... We didn't do anything this weekend except spend time with him. My step-daughter doesn't have school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so we will probably be doing a few things then... :) Check back for updates on what the pop-out models look like!!!
Until Next Time,
~Cristina AKA Stay at Home Mom of 3

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